Reginald Gray


Mr. Reginald Gray was born and raised in Louisiana and lives in Dallas, Texas. Reginald has two degrees from Southern Methodist University — a bachelor’s in advertising and a master’s in economics. He’s also working on his doctorate. As an economics professor for Mountain View College, Gray creates a strong enthusiasm and foundation in financial education among his students.

Founder and president of Goldminds EDUC, Mr. Gray has delivered more than 100 presentations on business, economics, and educational evaluation and has published articles in both economic and psychology journals as well as professional conference proceedings. An innovative educator and entrepreneur, he is recognized for continually integrating his evolving teaching and research experience with emerging technology. Additionally, Reginald has created a series of educational software for evaluation, assessments, and articulation transfer services under i3deas LLC and Goldminds EDUC LLC. With an MS in Applied Economics from Southern Methodist University, Professor Gray has 12 years of experience in higher education, research and development, and financial economics.

Previous to joining the Mountain View College faculty, Commissioner Gray held positions teaching Micro and Macro Economics at Collin County Community College, Navarro College, and Paul Quinn College all in the Dallas area. In his current position at Mountain View College, Mr. Gray serves as a full-time economics professor and is also responsible for hiring all adjunct and full-time faculty members for the economics department.

Reginald, a member of the DHA Board of Commissioners, was appointed by Mayor Rawlings in April 2019. As a member of the DHA board of commissioners, Reginald is committed to advancing the mission of the organization, continuing down the path of innovation for quality affordable housing in healthy, inclusive North Texas Communities.

His commitment to serving the greater Dallas community stems from his passion for assisting in the formation of young minds. Commissioner Gray’s background working with college students and advocating for at-risk young men have cultivated in him a desire to see youth persist through challenges to reach their full potential. Given that 52 percent of DHA clients are under the age of 18, Reginald is eager about the opportunity to work alongside these clients to help them move toward self-sufficiency.

As commissioner for DHA, Mr. Gray works in conjunction with other Board members to set policies as well as provide governance for the agency.