Ephraim Jobickson

Clinical Pharmacist at Medical City Dallas Hospital

Ephraim received a Bachelor of Science in Health & Exercise from the University of Oklahoma, as well as a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Oklahoma City University. He is now a clinical pharmacist at Medical City Dallas Hospital. His #1 goal is to help sick people understand and gain access to the best treatments that will help strengthen them on the road to recovery. This longing to help people started when he was a child in South Sudan.

As a child, Ephraim, his sister Lydia who is also an Opportunity Rising scholar, along with their family moved to America from South Sudan where his family was able to gain housing through the DHA. When he was young, he would go to the public library or Goodwill to find textbooks on anatomy that were even more challenging than what he had access to at school. His interest in health, the body and helping family members get healthy inspired him to study more and learn how the body works.

Ephraim is also passionate about exercise and keeping up with physical activities as he believes this to be one
of the most valuable ways to relieve stress and improve yourself. He helps his family members in the U.S., as well as in South Sudan to uncover the truth about their health and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

As a scholarship recipient, Ephraim is grateful to DHA and Opportunity Rising Executive Director Chyrel Roseborough for helping him to gain scholarships and complete his college admissions process. He credits Roseborough for helping him understand what is needed for college and how he can apply for other scholarships.

Ephraim enjoys spending his free time volunteering with kids through after-school programs. He encourages students who are preparing for college to have a structured program that can help them stay on track. He tells them, “Look at everything as one little step that adds up.”