Suzie Ghidei

Equipment Engineer

Ms. Ghidei recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas. During her time at UTD, she had the opportunity to intern with Texas Instruments for four months, guaranteeing a stable career path with them immediately after graduation. Suzie has known that engineering was for her since middle school. She says that she had always enjoyed problem solving as a child and experimented with robotics in high school, confirming her commitment to the field. As a woman who comes from a family who values education, Ms. Ghidei knew that she would pursue a college degree, but she had no idea about how she might afford it. DHA made her dreams a reality. She explains, “the scholarship alone was helpful, but it also showed me that there were people who care about me and people in my position.” Suzie has been inspired by DHA’s assistance and uses the DHA team’s leadership to drive her own desires to lead others in the future. Humbly, she says that DHA taught her to be receptive to learning from those who are in a position of authority. She welcomes the opportunity to learn in every position she holds. Though education is extremely important to her, Ms. Ghidei voices: “Life is about balance,” and “while I have focused on school, I am trying to learn how to really enjoy every moment too.”

To future foundation scholars, Ms. Ghidei says: “Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t sell yourself short. If there are personal or professional goals that you have, don’t be afraid to pursue them even if it seems like it may be difficult”

To the foundation’s leadership she sends a: “big thank you,” adding, “thank you for all the assistance and support.” Suzie is particularly grateful to Ms. Roseborough who propelled her and other students toward their future.

As Suzie launches her career in the engineering field, she remembers the support DHA provided for her. She knows that the opportunity for education may not have presented itself without DHA, and she is thankful to know that there are people who genuinely care about others.